Dashboard Updates, September 2018

October, 10 2018 Competitive Data

With the current updates, Competera’s dashboard has become more convenient, data freshness maintenance — easier, and settings — more representative and accessible. Also, we have fixed bugs and improved the platform in a hundred different ways, which are not visible to the user but ensure flawless operations of the dashboard.

More Flexible Settings

Basic campaign settings

Basic campaign settings look the same as the other elements of the dashboard. They have become simpler and more representative. Also, we have added a detailed description of the functions to every settings point.

Old campaign settings

New campaign settings

The list and scanning status of the competitors

We have changed the settings of the list of the scanned competitors:

  • instant search across the list of the competitors’ domains;
  • matches status (found, not found and new);
  • visualized scanning status;
  • statuses of the competitors’ domains have been added to show if there are issues with data collection from the domain.

Old list

New list

Retail teams can edit every domain of the competitor here: whether change the domain itself or fine-tune the statuses of the products.

Users can tailor the “Stores” section to their needs — similarly to the other Competera’s sections.

Scanning Configuration

The settings of the scanning frequency have become extremely simple.

Old scanning frequency settings

New scanning frequency settings

Scanning schedule can be the same for all the stores by product category or set independently for every tag, category and/ or store.

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