Matching Coefficients

Nov, 27 2017 Software Update

Matching Coefficients are multipliers that apply to the value of a commodity to adjust it to a greater or lesser extent. Coefficients are in demand mainly in those industries where retailers use different types of packaging (for example, dowel-nails can be sold individually or in packages).

Details of the update

In order to ensure a convenient setting of coefficient for the goods, a new tab “Coefficients” was added to the Competera dashboard.

You can immediately set the multiplier (for example, 0.0625) or add a fraction (for example, 1/16). In the latter case, Competera will automatically calculate the coefficient.

After adding the coefficient, an updated price will be displayed in the product report, in the Price Index report and saved when exporting the reports to .xls or .csv.

Bulk Import: You can manually add the matching coefficients one by one or make a bulk upload from a spreadsheet.

Extra information

After adding, the coefficient can be edited or removed. These processes are just as intuitive as creating a coefficient.

Concerning those users who work with regional dashboards: the coefficients can be installed in all Competera dashboards.

Important: The price updated with coefficient isn’t instantly synchronized with the dashboard, the product report gets updated with a slight delay. At the same time, the coefficient on the product page is displayed immediately after its addition.

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