Pricing Data to Avoid Online Retail Mistakes
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Bottlenecks of Competitive Data
Scraping and Delivery

How Retailers Are Losing Their Revenue

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In this white paper we uncover competitive data quality requirements for different retailers, which criteria to use when checking the data quality after data collection process is finished, how the cost of data delivery varies by quality level, and which questions to ask the data provider when signing a contract to avoid fatal online retail mistakes, etc.
Table of Contents
  • 1) Different data quality for different retail maturity
  • 2) The cost of error for different retailers
  • 3) The foundation for qualitative data collection

  • 4) How to check data quality in real time
    • - Data freshness
    • - Data completeness
    • - Data correctness

  • 5) Checking the quality of incoming data
  • 6) Cost of qualitative data for competitive intelligence
  • 7) 5 questions to ask the data provider

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