How to leverage competitive pricing for retailers of different sizes
26 September 15:00 CEST

How to leverage competitive pricing for retailers of different sizes

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30 Minutes of Webinar Solve Such Business Problems

Speed of reaction to
competitors’ changes

Retailers automated price tracking processes are profitable.The leaders of a market such as Amazon put speed on the reaction to market changes and win. You will leave the webinar with a set of solutions.

Control the results of your
pricing decisions

Decision making is great. However, while business is booming, you need to appoint which of them works well and which ones need optimization. You will find out what metrics reveal the quality of goal setting.

Scale the supplier interactions
in a beneficial way

Do suppliers still waste your time? You will know how to get actual data on prices and availability in a usable format to choose the best suppliers and build up promos with no risks for the margins.

Error-free pricing strategy
without costs for testing

Business has grown up to get an effect from strategies implementation, but it still does not ready for taking a bite mistakes? You can rely on the practices of market leaders’ or on managers’ instincts. It’s better to define your own positioning and build a well-suited strategy.

Nikolay Savin
Nikolay Savin
Product Owner at Competera

Over the past 8 years, Nikolay has helped hundreds of developing businesses build and expand their teams, processes and results, while holding expertise in the US and Europe. The International ecosystem of eCommerce retail knows Nikolay as one of the strongest Business Development specialists.

During this webinar, Nikolay is going to share his knowledge on how to speed up eCommerce retailers growth, automate routine processes to increase sales and margins.

Nick Tikhomirov
Nick Tikhomirov
Business Development Manager at Competera

For the past 6 years Nick has lived and breathed Category and Pricing Managers’ daily pains. He knows how to change managers' workflow in order to save time for strategic vision and control the results of pricing decisions.

Direct all your questions on metrics for pricing decisions, suppliers interactions, and promotions to Nick.

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The Dessert

Instant drawing of $300 prize

at the end of the webinar and
One Month Free Competera Trial for all participants

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Competera help us to strengthen
our pricing attractiveness is a leading online marketplace in Indonesia. The number of products didn’t allow us to correct all our prices manually and the process became more and more complicated. In addition to that, competitors started to change their prices with increasing frequency. We integrated Competera solutions and began to receive our competitors’ insights. We achieved our business goals - the customers’ perception of our price positioning was changed as we wanted and inline with our expected business performance.

Yudha Pangestu
Yudha Pangestu
Mataharimall, Project Lead,

Competitive prices to maximize a profit

Having more than 7000 products in our range can be difficult to monitor from a pricing perspective. In the gift retail sector, prices change every day and for us to deal with all that new data is a real challenge. We wanted an accurate and reliable pricing solution that could help us be more price competitive and gain more profit per product. Competera met all these requirements. Now we're able to monitor our prices in the marketplace, and improve the profit per product thanks to the up-to-date information that the Competera platform has to offer.

Sinziana Visan
Sinziana Visan
FIND ME A GIFT, Merchandiser,
United Kingdom