Free Online Course: Pricing Strategies:
And How to Use Them

60% of shoppers choose the shop because of an optimal price. Notice the term “optimal” here: at no point they ever mention “low” or “high.”

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Today shoppers can quickly switch not only between shops and prices, but also between analog items from different manufacturers by a small flick of the wrist. That’s why simple price tricks, e.g. psychological pricing as in this $9.99 that all of us are used to seeing, can be a good support for a full stack pricing strategy.

Being used by itself, however, it can destroy one’s reputation in a minute. Just imagine yourself deploying psychological pricing for all your stock, investing in marketing, and then setting your product price 1.5X more expensive than the same item at the “next door” tab of a customer’s browser.

By the end of the Course, you’ll be able to choose and apply the most suitable pricing strategy for your business

  • The Importance of Pricing Strategies
  • The Most Common Pricing Strategies in the World
  • The Easiest Way to Create a Pricing Strategy
  • How To Make The Pricing Strategy Work
  • Pricing Strategy Efficacy Monitoring
  • Pricing Examples For Different Retail Types
  • Pricing Automation