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Brand Intelligence
An analytical solution empowering online retail to always be informed about any MAP violations on a daily or weekly basis and to know the price positioning of the brand in the current market conditions - he Iping you make the best decisions to build of a leading brand.
Competitive Intelligence
In eCommerce retail, this is the process of collecting the huge scope of unstructured data on competitors’ prices, assortments, and promotions in order to identify new market opportunities and support the business growth and development.
Competitive Pricing Analysis
An online retail practice to collect data on competitors’ prices, assortments, and promotions to make the analysis, empowering the pricing manager to make the most effective pricing decisions. Automated competitive analysis is an easy and time-saving way to get competitive insights.
Competitor Price Monitoring
Priority and resource for performance-oriented eCommerce retailers targeted to achieve competitive advantage, increase the loyalty of customers, and boost margins with the help of smart pricing strategy.
Dynamic Pricing
Retail practice, which creates a pricing strategy based on setting flexible prices according to current market demands. A dynamic pricing system works to increase the revenue and make an online business profitable.
Dynamic Pricing Optimization
Management of dynamic pricing strategy intended to find a competitive advantage and profit maximization for eCommerce retail. Automated solutions for online retail optimise the pricing strategies, increasing profits and gross margins.
Ecommerce Conversion Optimization
An online retail strategy for websites of online retailers in order to increase margins. The optimization of conversion rates is highly affected by competitive pricing as eCommerce customers compare retail prices before making a purchase.
Marketing Opportunities
The research of competitive price tracking tools and price monitoring services for eCommerce retail in order to achieve an increase in customers, sales growth, boost margins and business development.
Monitor Minimum Advertised Price Violations
The instruments of monitoring the price perception of brands and manufacturers. The set of tools covering the need to protect the brand positioning, and to control their own prices on the market with the help of automated identification of any MAP violation.
Pricing Models
Result from calculating the prices for products in eCommerce retail based on different parameters chosen according to business demands, pricing strategies, and current market conditions.
Price Monitoring
Pricing optimization tool for e-commerce retail, tracking product prices on SKU, category, brand, any key value product group level. Price monitoring is a process of collecting and analyzing information on competitors price changes to define the price positioning of an online store towards the market and competitors. Price monitoring's results create a basis for effective pricing decisions to maintain a competitive pricing strategy.
Pricing Software
Solutions delivering clean, full, correct and timely data on competitors’ prices, assortment and promotions to online retailers in order to make data-based pricing decisions and boosts all business KPIs.
Pricing Strategy
Activities oriented to find the optimal price on products based on a variety of pricing methods in order to achieve significant sales boosts, conversion rate growth, and market share increases in online retail.
Price Track
An online retail instrument to be aware of your real competitors and their current prices on similar products or analogues in order to track their activities (price changes, promos) and calculate their impact on your sales.