Retail Insights of 2017
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Retail Insights of 2017

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We asked our clients about which of their actions in 2017 had a significant effect on business development. We got a variety of responses. Someone worked with pricing, one was engaged in shares and work with partners, another focused on redesigning websites and social projects.

All of the replies are connected by the fact that their 2017th year was very rich and productive.

Pricing strategies

Successful share in retail is an online retailer from Kazakhstan, which along with the sale of goods (their own positions and offers from partners), provides its customers with unique financial services.

In November, we held a unique sale and blew up the market!

Throughout the day, the site saw an average of 200 thousand visitors. We worked late into the night and the sales of our partners were more than typically before the new year. In the three days of our sale, we collected 260 thousand orders. How about that conversion rate? :)

Dmitry Hamchukov

Optimization of pricing

Tink is a platform based in Berlin that helps consumers select the products in the Connected Home category. Platform users can quickly choose any home solution from intelligent security systems to efficient household resource products such as water, heating, and light.

Using the Competera platform immensely eases the work on price adjustments, which has made us more competitive: the collection of competitive prices, the addition of matches — all intuitively, simply and quickly.

Sonik Kaila

Website redesign is a platform that optimizes the B2B procurement process by providing information about products and the prices from suppliers from various industries: from office supplies to coffee machines.

This year we changed the design and software of the site. Granted, this required a lot of resources, but as a result, after the launch of the new site, the process of selecting and purchasing goods became much simpler and more transparent. Most importantly, after changing the programming part of the site, all of the data became clearly structured, and all of the requests are processed much faster.

Johan Swandhi

Social project in retail

The group of companies, A. S. Watson Group, is the largest retailer in the world in the health and beauty fields. The Ukrainian Watsons first “picked up” the trend of multi-channelality in the segment drogerie and launched an online store.

In 2017, the company actively led the social business line: “Angels Watsons”, “Let's fight cancer together”, “Batteries, give up!”, etc.
For example, within the charity project “Angels of Watsons”, we raise funds for the purchase of implants (occluders) for children with heart disease.
During the project, about 500 thousand customers transferred more than 11.6 million points from their participant cards. The total amount collected and transferred for the purchase of implants amounted to more than 2.5 million UAH.

Ekaterina Veremeeva,
Head of Corporate Communications and
Public Relations Department Watsons Ukraine.

Market analysis and vendor work with partners

KORMOTECH is the leader by the rate of sales in the Ukrainian market for ready-made animal food. The company has two factories that produce animal food in Ukraine. Currently, Kormotech supplies its food to the Baltic States, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and the Netherlands.

  1. We’ve made the analysis of the market for online stores and we’ve chosen the leading players.
  2. We’ve analyzed stores that didn’t work in the past and chose the top 20.
  3. We ran meetings and found out what can be improved on in order to get a win win-win cooperation.

As a result, already within the first month after starting to collaborate with new partners, we got an 80% increase in sales!

Sergei Kukharenko

Meritocracy in retail

The “Construction yard” with 57 shops in 15 Russian cities, specializes in the assembly of construction projects. In 2017, the company introduced a new management model — meritocracy.

At the beginning of the year, we refused to acknowledge directions from the top, the manager, the chief, etc. The positions remained, but the roles changed and the former leaders became assistants. Therefore, the company gained more freedom to express their opinion, to offer their ideas, to defend what’s right and they got the opportunity to grow. After that, we introduced meritocracy — the power of the worthy. Now, anyone, regardless of their position, can become an assistant.

Natalia Guseinova

In this article, we collected the most interesting cases from this entire year. We got information from different sectors and spheres, and in our opinion, from all things that helped our clients develop and change their business.

What interesting happenings happened to you in 2017?