May 2021, McMillan Doolittle, one of the world’s leading retail consulting firms, becomes an official partner of Competera. The cooperation will help to make a tangible contribution to the ongoing retail transformation by providing US retailers with advanced pricing solutions.

McMillan Doolittle's knack for creating winning strategies, developing new concepts, and improving retail intelligence and Competera’s capacity of driving impressive business results will fuel the adoption of advanced pricing solutions by the retail community. To ensure smooth and effective in-house pricing transformation, retailers can leverage McMillan Doolittle experts' decades of experience in merchandising, strategic planning and development, digital retail transformation, project management, and IT.

Founded in 1986, McMillan Doolittle has helped retailers and suppliers worldwide successfully navigate the ever-changing retail landscape by creating dynamic, customer-driven retail strategies. The consultancy’s core mission is to foster clients’ growth by developing and implementing advanced solutions in strategy, consumer and customer experience, new concepts, retail performance improvement, and retail intelligence services. 

With an established presence in 24 countries, McMillan Doolittle serves 33 of the top 55 retailers worldwide. Its client portfolio includes such big names in retail and consumer products as Samsung, Nike, Walmart, P&G, The Fresh Market, Casey’s General Store, Coca-Cola, and others.

“The strategic partnership with McMillan Doolittle serves as bright proof that Competera is on the right track and develops a real industry-changing solution. Essentially, Competera will supercharge its capacity to drive revenue and gross profit growth with the unparalleled domain expertise of the  McMillan Doolittle team. With the team of retail savvies like Mara Devitt and Mark Scanlan, I am sure that the retail players will come out as powerful business transformation leaders. And with this step, we continue our worldwide expansion,” comments Alexandr Galkin, CEO at Competera.
“In a year, COVID-19 has changed retail as we know it and shaped a new reality for its players. Retailers are actively seeking ways to reorganize their business and catch up with the new trends: eCommerce grocery platforms, AR-powered shopping experience, same-day delivery, and fulfillment centers openings. Nonetheless, let’s not forget that as trends come and go, an optimal price will remain a core component of a great customer experience. 
Given a mission to transform retail, we are excited to partner with Competera and help our clients seize the opportunities that advanced pricing solutions provide. By leveraging our 30+ years of experience in every facet of the retail industry and Competera’s capacity to drive revenue and margins, our current and future clients will get a significant competitive gain in the everlasting retail competition,’ shares Mara Devitt, Senior Partner at McMillan Doolittle.

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