Competera is the Winner of FinancesOnline’s 2017 Awards

Competera is the Winner of FinancesOnline’s 2017 Business Intelligence Awards

Each system in FinancesOnline’s directory is submitted for a detailed evaluation procedure, and given an expert score to distinguish them as smart alternatives for each category.

This time, the distinguished system was no other than Competera Price Intelligence.

To our utmost satisfaction, prepared a detailed Competera review, and honored the platform’s value with two great 2017 Business Intelligence Awards: The Great User Experience Award, and our favorite, Rising Star, for the same year.

Both awards are given exclusively to top performing platforms, where users find a hassle-free environment to process data and complete analytical operations, and such that they develop quickly despite being relatively new.

FinancesOnline also discussed Competera as a top app choice for 2017, precisely because it enables users to quickly lay down a laser-like focus on applying effective pricing strategies, and taking care of most of the “heavy-lifting” related to data collection and programming. Our system was also praised for its smart scheduling, and the advanced and effective pricing recommendations that help businesses stay far ahead of their competitors.