/PRESS RELEASE/ Emmanuel Lowe, a seasoned business strategist and retail expert with 15 years of experience in the industry on his name, joins Competera's advisory board. Nowadays, Emmanuel is well-known for providing professional IT solutions & consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and top-notch startups. His proven track record is bright with other professional achievements as a Project Management professor at the Business School CNAM in Paris and Head of SMB's committee at the French Chamber of Commerce.

Retail, as an ever-developing industry, has an immense demand for smart tools to put the biggest retail strategies into action. Competera meets the need and fosters the evolution of price optimization role in retailers' success mix. 

“Owing to a 15+ year experience both as a buyer and advisor, I have built a much alike vision of price optimization importance for retail players, so becoming an advisory board member was a very natural move for me," shares Emmanuel.

"No secret, retail is extremely crowded and highly competitive from market to market. But what I'd describe as a global truth is what I call a "3-feet stool" equation where a consumer, supplier, and distributor represent the three key pillars that make business happen. If one of them is dissatisfied at a certain point, it all falls. In this case, optimal pricing comes out as an advantage to keep each equation party satisfied: a consumer will always profit from the best bargain, a supplier will effectively realize inventory, and a distributor will eventually grow market share. 

Competera does a great job at communicating the importance of optimal prices via detailed coverage of its impressive case studies. The number of clients in their portfolio speaks that retailers are adopting advanced pricing technology, and that's good news. So I'm eager to take on this role and advocate the importance of pricing software for retailers."

Alexandr Galkin, CEO and co-founder of Competera, comments on the news: "It is always a great pleasure to see Competera swelling and scaling. So I am pleased to welcome Emmanuel Lowe, who will be developing our French-speaking markets. Emmanuel is an extremely seasoned retail expert with a clear understanding of all pricing-related operations and consumer behavior due to his rich experience as a brand manager and advisor. Needless to say, his IT background comes as a great plus for Competera being a disruptive retail technology company. Given all that, I believe soon enough, we'll come up with some great names to our client list that Competera’s active advisors have already greatly developed."

Speaking of the advisory board's role in the company's development, Alexandr adds: "Competera will always go big to build a strong presence across major retail markets. This is where our advisors' role can hardly be overestimated: they are the preachers of pricing automation and advanced technology in retail. Having such strong partnership bonds, we ensure that a retailer of any size and scale will choose Competera on the journey to algorithmic demand-based pricing."

About Emmanuel Lowe

Emmanuel Lowe combines his business, strategy, and financial management strengths, advising business owners and C-Level for more than 15 years. He is a multi-entrepreneur and a former Project Management professor at the Business School CNAM in Paris. Over these years, Emmanuel has acquired a sharp focus on delivering products with a high customer success performance.

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