December 2020 brings another partnership agreement to Competera. This time, the company launched cooperation with KIVALUE, one of the most notable companies offering integration and consultancy services in Europe. Today, the company has several offices across the region including ones in London and Berlin. The collaboration will be focused on providing large European retailers with the last-gen technology and knowledge needed for strategic development and growth. 

Since 2018, KIVALUE helps enterprises to transform and gain strategic wins by adopting technologies that synthesize artificial intelligence with human ingenuity. The company was designed as an alternative to the oversized, expensive, and reactive system integrators. It gives business owners, who lack the high-end tools and resources of their competitors, access to technology and knowledge that empower and help them to grow. Today, KIVALUE’s portfolio includes world-known retailers, including businesses from grocery, DIY, apparel, e-commerce, and other industries.

"The team of KIVALUE has an excellent profile and decades of professional experience. And for Competera, it is remarkably important to have partners with such an impressive portfolio and, most importantly, the trust of market leaders. In this way, KIVALUE will perfectly compliment Competera’s core offering and, I’m sure, together we will help European retailers to leverage the power of algorithms and advanced modeling,” says Alexandr Galkin, CEO at Competera. 

"We are excited to partner with Competera, a prominent and one of the most innovative players in the pricing optimization domain! Their AI-powered platform’s capabilities and unique user experience transform traditional pricing approaches which are crucial for retailers of all sizes in these unprecedented times. By combining Competera’s capacity of driving revenue and margin through optimal pricing with our expertise in building digital twins within retail space, we can supercharge competitive advantage of our current and future clients,” comments Anton Pershin, CEO at KIVALUE.

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