Market-based pricing: let the journey begin

pricing for retailers

Competera provides retailers with a smart approach to market-based pricing based on:

  • Real competitors identification
  • Assortment bucketing
  • Market insights and analytics
Dashboard Dashboard data

Single platform to reach every pricing goal

Whether you are a multi-brand, mono-brand, online or omnichannel retailer, Competera provides a set of solutions suitable for all types of pricing.

Use market data that you really need. Competera's smart approach helps to identify assortment intersections with other players and price in regard to only real competitors by SKU.
Competera’s native pricing engine is driven by individual business targets and constraints. Create your own winning strategy based on your rules and measure the impact of pricing decisions on your sales.
An advanced pricing engine built on heavy math and machine learning. Each recommendation is based on cross-impact between products in portfolio and up to 60 pricing and non-pricing factors.
Hybrid Pricing
Find the best approach to reach each of your business goals. Cover 100% of your product portfolio and get the most effective scalable results by combining rule- and demand-based pricing approaches.

Why choose Competera?

Competera is an all-in-one pricing platform with a disruptive pricing approach leading to touchable results for omnichannel retailers.

Let us show you

  • Turnkey solution Reprice thousands of SKUs from Day 1
  • Suits any portfolio Manage any number of categories
  • Technological transparency Feed in dozens of constraints

Let us guide you

  • Individual pricing design 4⁴ pricing solution combinations
  • Short-term forecast Assumption accuracy 90%+
  • Well-balanced pricing Consider dozens of factors and manage 2 KPIs at once for optimal prices

Let us impress you

  • Subscription-based mode Minimal subscription - 1 year
  • Fast integration Integration & first profit - in 60 days
  • PoC-proven results Duration up to 90 days
  • Guaranteed projected profit ROI 600%-800%
Protect sales with prices build upon competitors’ real impact
Protect sales with prices build upon competitors’ real impact

Find real competitors that steal your sales

Each competitor impacts your sales in a different way. An average assortment intersection with other retailers is 35%.

Competera’s price index is an easy-to-use tool helping pricing managers to identify real competitors and get a complex vision of the other players’ impact on sales.

Protect sales with prices build upon competitors’ real impact

After your real competitors and assortment intersections are identified, it is necessary to find how and which SKUs are threatened by each competitor.

Competera provides retailers with assortment bucketing based on selecting and tracking only those data points you need.

Protect sales with prices build upon competitors’ real impact

Control your price positioning with a 360° market view

To make sure, your business is positioned properly, Competera provides managers with data-driven insights and smart analytics on stock availability, promo, credits, and other crucial variables.
Control your price positioning with a 360° market view

Retail pricing solution trusted by market leaders around the globe

Reach the next level of pricing with Competera

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