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Stay competitive with coherent and transparent pricing powered by:

  • Customizable pricing decision trees
  • Pricing logic based on any variables
  • SKU-level price interpretation
  • True competitors and KVIs identification
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Competera Ranked #1 Price Optimization Solution: Crozdesk Buyer Guide

Single platform to reach every pricing goal

Whether you are a multi-brand, mono-brand, online or omnichannel retailer, Competera provides a set of solutions covering all types of pricing use cases.

Market-driven pricing
Use common pricing rules and customizable decision trees to get full control over pricing.
Markdown optimization
Liquidate excess inventory while maintaining the gross profit and profit margin.
Demand-based pricing
Identify cross-dependencies between products in portfolio to maximize the revenue.
Hybrid Pricing
Cover 100% of your product portfolio and get scalable results by combining various pricing approaches.

Get full control over your pricing decisions

With tailor-crafted pricing decision trees, one can set up sophisticated cascade of conditions to implement your own pricing strategy.

get full control over your pricing decisions

Customize pricing rules

Users can use either common pricing rules from the platform’s library or individual ones adjusting controllable constraints and variables.

Use any data as a variable

Rules logic can be built upon any type of data including competitive data from direct sellers or marketplace (e.g. Google shopping), sales, cost data, Google Analytics data, promotion or stock clearance attributes, etc.

Get top-quality competitive data

To ensure that pricing decisions rely on relevant data, Competera provides an optional service of high-quality product matchings and smart scrapping.

Make pricing transparent for every stakeholder

SKU-level price interpretation explains how particular price was calculated so stakeholders (pricing analysts, their managers, buyers, merchandisers, category managers, etc) understand how the decision was made.

Involve other teams into pricing by giving them access to the product with read-only mode.

Make pricing transparent for every stakeholder

Stay competitive with the power of ML

Make sure your margin is not diluted by following unnecessary competitors. Competera’s algorithm reveals the true impact every player has on sales by analyzing retailer's and competitive historical data.

Competera can scientifically segment products into different buckets (KVIs, Long tail, Cash generators, etc) so retailer is able to apply the corresponding pricing strategy towards each.

Stay competitive with the power of ML

Unlock the next level of pricing with Competera platform

Competera is an all-in-one pricing platform with a disruptive pricing approach leading to touchable results for omnichannel retailers.

Let us show you

  • Turnkey solution Reprice thousands of SKUs from Day 1
  • Suits any portfolio Manage any number of categories
  • Technological transparency Feed in dozens of constraints

Let us guide you

  • Individual pricing design 4⁴ pricing solution combinations
  • Well-balanced pricing Millions of cross-impact simulations
  • Short-term forecast Up to 98% forecast accuracy

Let us impress you

  • Subscription-based mode Minimal subscription - 1 year
  • Fast integration Integration & first profit - in 60 days
  • PoC-proven results Duration up to 90 days
  • Guaranteed projected profit ROI 600%-800%

See how sporting goods retailer WiggleCRC Group is thriving with Competera

The sporting goods online retailer WiggleCRC Group has been using Competera's pricing software to increase market coverage, reduce pricing effort by 50% and handle more complex pricing rules and logic across five regions.
See how sporting goods retailer WiggleCRC Group is thriving with Competera

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