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Competitive Data

Get proven real-time competitive data in the right place

Competera Competitive Data is engineered by retail-people with strong cost of delivered and processed data errors understanding.

Our platform architecture is based on accurate, clean and close to real-time data scraping, processing, configuration, and delivery.

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The right competitive data for big results
Full Stack Coverage
  • Pricing data from any brand
  • Pricing within major international markets
  • Historic and current pricing, promotion, stock data, tracked weekly, daily, and hourly
  • Currency adjustments to USD or local currency views for local inflation analysis
  • Easy comparisons between brands, countries, categories, or individual items
Built Errorless
  • 360 degree view on crawling errors SLA - 98%
  • Ongoing usage stats and metrics quality check
  • Self-learning algorithms for data collection
  • Premium Support with less then 5 min for respond
  • Ticket tracking system
Built Flexible
  • API
  • Data streaming to ERP
  • Shopping Carts integration
  • Access through your own platform
  • Insightful dashboard & Custom reports development
  • High frequency and custom schedule
Our Customer Success Stories

Competera is a great software provider. We have the results of our collaboration with Competera - using Price Intelligence and we’ve achieved our goals: optimized the pricing process and increased the number of customers. I want to emphasize how pleasantly surprised we were with the very qualified and quick-responding support team. They furnished the information on any one of our requests 24-h/7-day. A great product and great team!
Bogdan Nesterenko
Product manager, Vilnius

The number of products didn’t allow us to correct all our prices manually and the process became more and more complicated. In addition to that, competitors started to change their prices with increasing frequency. We integrated Competera solutions and began to receive our competitors’ insights. We achieved our business goals - the customers’ perception of our price positioning was changed as we wanted and inline with our expected business performance.
Yudha Pangestu
Senior Pricing Manager

Having more than 7000 products in our range can be difficult to monitor from a pricing perspective. In the gift retail sector, prices change every day and for us to deal with all that new data is a real challenge. We wanted an accurate and reliable pricing solution that could help us be more price competitive and gain more profit per product. Competera met all these requirements. Now we're able to monitor our prices in the marketplace, and improve the profit per product thanks to the up-to-date information that the Competera platform has to offer.
Sinziana Visan
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