Top Retail News Digest #3, June 2017 | 06-16-2017

Amazon, Ikea, Retale, and — nothing unusual — a self-driving Wheelys store are on our list today:
Amazon is going after low-income shoppers audience segment that has long been a stronghold of Walmart with discounted Prime membership for individuals taking part in government assistance programs.
Consumers show loyalty to retailers offering financing options, especially for the large purchases.
OK, Amazon, here comes the Wheelys cashier-free store. Are you scared? Well, you should: This store is opened 24 hours a day and... arriving like a Uber whenever a consumer is.
Retale has created a Retale GO, voice-activated assistant for Amazon Echo and Google Home devices for consumers to find localized shopping information, i.e. store hours, store location information, store phone number, and deal information.
IKEA plans to test selling its products on websites other than its own in 2018.