Top Retail News Digest #4, May 2017 | 05-26-2017

Today we have news on new Amazon expansion steps, on digitalizing of usual retail processes, and on a new approach that could reshape an apparel retail:
Savory Nutella dishes: Ferrero will open their first restaurant inspired by a jar of the chocolate and hazelnut goodness in Chicago, on May 31.
A bit of furniture: One of the world's largest ecommerce companies for home furnishings adds a new feature for consumers to take photos of furniture that the company's AI algorithm will attempt to match to similar Wayfair products.
A digital doctor is watching you: Warby Parker has developed an app that allows consumers to self-administer an eye test through their smartphone and computer.
Ultra fast fashion: Fast fashion is turning into ultrafast fashion. New players are bringing products from design to sale in as little as one or two weeks — even faster than traditional fast-fashion pioneers such as Zara and H&M.
Fly & Go: Amazon is opening a drone research center in France and coming with its supermarkets with no checkout to Europe.