Top Retail News Digest #1, June 2017 | 06-02-2017

Check out the most interesting retail news of the last week:
Our team released the brand new Competera Pricing Platform — the self-pricing platform for efficient Pricing managers. Check it out!
50% of retailers not ready to support IoT. In a recent benchmark report from Retail Systems Research, more than half of retailers surveyed said their existing infrastructure is not capable of supporting IoT.
Amazon hits the gas on grocery concept. Amazon has opened up its AmazonFresh Pickup stores to customers, expanding a test concept from employees only to Seattle shoppers. It's an indication that Amazon is getting closer to selling groceries online.
Walmart is to apply VR within pieces of training for store associates toward giving customers the best experience. VR training should help them understand the dynamics of holiday sales in real-life scenarios e.g. Black Friday before they ever step out of the training center’s door.
Barclaycard is testing a Grab+Go app that transforms a smartphone into a ‘pocket checkout’, allowing users to simply scan the items they want to buy as they pick them and then complete their purchase with a single click and walk out of a store.