What are the conditions of access to the service payment?

- Access to the service is available as a pre-paid service for 1 month/3 months/6 months/ 12 months.

Is there a grace period for payment?

- With prepaid service access the maximum possible delay of payment is within 30 days from the invoice date. Terms and cost of access to the service with a payment delay are necessary to further update from Sales Manager.

Is it possible to generate a report to the closing documents for the reporting month?

- Yes, the report for the reporting period can be downloaded via the user interface, or additionally, if  requested.

Why is the configuration equivalent cost per month specified in USD in the contract?

- The cost of access to the service is formed directly by the grantor of a license and cannot be changed by the regional offices.

When does Billing-time of the contract start?

- Billing-period starts with the transmission of access to the service. If Support is not furnished with the data for assortment monitoring after signing the contract, the billing-period begins within 14 days after the date of signing the contract.

What is the contract validity period?

- The contract is valid for 12 months with the possibility of automatic renewal for 12 months if neither party terminates the contract, but in any case no longer than the prepaid period.

Is renewal of contract necessary every year?

- No, the contract provides for the automatic extension of the period of 12 months if neither party terminates the contract.

Is it possible to terminate the contract before the end of the period?

- Yes, the contract may be terminated at any time during the connection by written notice under the terms of the contract.

What period of use of the service will be indicated on the invoice?

- The invoice will be specified by a period from the date of transmission of the access to the service until the end of the calendar month. Subsequent invoices will be generated for each 1 calendar month (accounting period) in the case of pre-payment for 1 month. In the case of pre-paid 3 months/ 6 months / 12 months  the invoices will be formed at the appropriate intervals.

What is the deadline for invoice payment?

- The deadline for payment will be specified in the invoice. The deadline is 14 days from the invoice date.

What happens if an invoice has not been paid before the deadline for payment?

- After the date of the payment deadline the billing-system will automatically limit access to the service until payment is confirmed.

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