We help our clients to make pricing in minutes instead of hours

Great Retail Software is Built
and Run by Retailers

We know the problems that online retailers face as our team was developed from eCommerce. Competera delivers highly-efficient solutions for the retail industry and consolidates analysts', developers, and pricing specialists' expertise

The Competera team has experienced the the majority of the questions and difficulties that retailers are currently up against.

We radically transform the way retailers perform product analytics and repricing Competera Development Team

User-Centric and Simple Platform

Due to Competera's Smart Search you can find the demand for a product/category/brand at the touch of a button.
We know how exhausting and time-consuming it is to work with hundreds of rows in a data waterfall, so our team has concentrated on easy, pure, and actionable interface creation.

Because we are a pure SaaS, your integration is easy and insight gains are lightning fast.

Scale dynamically as your needs grow

Simple integration and management, no installations required

User education Knowledge Base and API documentation

3 Level Support for your team, data and IT-staff

Cost per product monitoring in Competera

Product margin


Total Transparency

True reflection of data collection costs and recommendations on ways to decrease costs enabling you to manage the product list while gaining maximum margins from each SKU.

Work on a Pay-As-You-Go model. You are able to change the volume of data monitoring to align with the business season and pressing demands.

Powerful and Secure

Instant API data availability allows immediate price changes, promotions, and assortments in ERP or Google BigQuery streaming. Guaranteed data quality by SLA.

Lets’s rock!
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