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Competitive prices to maximize a profit

Having more than 7000 products in our range can be difficult to monitor from a pricing perspective. In the gift retail sector, prices change every day and for us to deal with all that new data is a real challenge. We wanted an accurate and reliable pricing solution that could help us be more price competitive and gain more profit per product. Competera met all these requirements. Now we're able to monitor our prices in the marketplace, and improve the profit per product thanks to the up-to-date information that the Competera platform has to offer.

Sinziana Visan
Sinziana Visan
FIND ME A GIFT, Merchandiser,
United Kingdom

Now we are ready to bite the competition!

Two months ago my daily problem was the huge scope of goods in the assortment of our store. The number of products didn't allow for us to correct all the prices manually, and the process became more and more tedious. Also, competitors started to change the price in increasing frequency. We integrated Competera solutions and began to receive our competitors' insights. We achieved our business goal - the customers' perception of our price positioning was changed as we like and in line with our expected business performances.

Michael Savelich
Antoshka, Pricing Manager, Ukraine

Competera has reinvented pricing for us!

For quite a while, pricing managers sought an optimal price for their product categories. In most cases, the decision was simply to lower the price. In other words; to lower the margin. Fortunately, we connected with Competera four months ago and now we have the truly optimal prices - not the lowest, but the most beneficial from revenue side as well as in customer's eye. Keep on, Competera!

Neha Agarwal
Sports365, Purchasing Manager, India

Competera is an efficient tool for price monitoring

I want to recommend Competera pricing software for other Category Managers because it is an efficient and easy tool for price monitoring. MyToys has been using the Price Intelligence tool from Competera for 2 years and it was really good. First of all, the quality of data was permanently efficient. At the minimum, a data delivery impediment sometimes happened, but from my experience, that is normal in the working process. It must be noted that their Customer Success manager notified me every time if any impediment would take place. I was greatly impressed with the service so my verdict is absolute yes to Competera.

Daria Kravtsova
Daria Kravtsova
MyToys, Pricing Manager,
Russian Federation

Very good company

We appreciate market insights provided by Competera. I suppose, the first criteria to choose the price monitoring software is timely data delivery and competitive insights. We have read the numerous reviews and opinions and decided to choose Competera's solution - Price Intelligence. We highly appreciate the actual and reliable recommendations on our pricing from Competera service. I have to say, if you are searching for a sustainable team of professionals and you are ready to pay for the quality, you will be happy with the choice.

Vladislav Obaev
Emotegroup, Pricing Manager,
Russian Federation

Great service and great team

Competera is a great software provider for an online store like RDE. Two years of collaborations have brought us high sales performance and revenue rate. Using Price Intelligence we have achieved our goals: optimised pricing process and increased in number of customers. I want to underline how we had been pleasantly surprised with qualified and quick to sympathize support team. They furnished the information on any our request 24-hours/7-day. Thank you, guys! I think, Competera is a great team with a great product.

Bogdan Nesterenko
Bogdan Nesterenko
RDE, Project Lead,
Russian Federation

Competera team is focused on our goals.

We have been searching for a good software service for a long time. Our partners recommended Competera as a perfect price monitoring tool. The business development manager presented the demo and we ascertained that Competera Price Intelligence is a great solution for our business. On top of everything else the Support and Customer Success management was perfect - they answered all our questions anytime we needed. We use Competera during 1 year and we are very impressed with the performance of the product and service overall!

Konstantin Tentsov
Meloman, Pricing Manager, Kazakhstan

We are really pleased with Price Intelligence

Competera is the perfect smart pricing solution for our online store. Our team has gained the real possibility to focus on our main goals and streamline the pricing process through Competera instead of getting distracted by different SKU performances and price optimization issues. Today our assortment is priced corresponding to current market price and consequently attract shoppers with optimal price for products.

Pavel Zemskov
Aizel, Pricing Manager,
Russian Federation

Competera help us to strengthen
our pricing attractiveness is a leading online marketplace in Indonesia. The number of products didn’t allow us to correct all our prices manually and the process became more and more complicated. In addition to that, competitors started to change their prices with increasing frequency. We integrated Competera solutions and began to receive our competitors’ insights. We achieved our business goals - the customers’ perception of our price positioning was changed as we wanted and inline with our expected business performance.

Yudha Pangestu
Yudha Pangestu
Mataharimall, Project Lead, Indonesia

Competera is a great price monitoring tool!

The pricing experts from Competera made us see that it is not necessary to reduce the price and lose margins while fighting with competitors for customers loyalty. We integrated the Price Intelligence tool to adjust our pricing in view of our sales goals and competitors’ pricing behavior. We certainly appreciate current business performance delivered by Competera.

Konstantin Palamar
Brutal-shop, Purchasing Manager,
Russian Federation
Acer Europe

A special thanks for the customized reports provided by Brand Intelligence

Competera helped us monitor the prices on our products at different markets, price aggregators, and marketplaces. Prices variations of our products are quite frequent in the market. Competera provides very useful tool for eCommerce purposes to monitor the products pricing across the online channel. A special thanks for quickly and efficiently submitted data in customized reports of Brand Intelligence, as we were empowered to control the situation on the market with the price perception of our brand.

Placido Faranda
Placido Faranda
Acer Europe, France

Thanks to Competera for our optimised pricing

We were trying to find pricing optimization through different means, and Competera Price Intelligence seemed like the best tool to do it. Our pricing strategy also demands on-the-fly analytics on competitors pricing changes, promotions and their stock availability. We know everything about that now.

Eugeniy Bondar, Project Manager,

Totally guaranteed quality of data with Competera.

We at are very lucky to work with Competera. Their price monitoring tool is an amazing instrument for brands and manufacturers oriented on protection of brand image. The data from Competera helps us make effective decisions. If you want to maintaim MAP and timely react to violations right here and right now - Competera Pricing Platform is the best solution for you.

Roman Rasyak
Roman Rasyak,
Pricing Manager, Ukraine

User-friendly and effective competitive price monitoring tool from Competera

Finally, our business has found an efficient competitive monitoring tool!
Now we have the ability to make correct pricing decisions for our product categories. Competera makes pricing recommendations based on accurate data analysis of our main competitors’ prices, promotion, and stock availability. Looking at our business outcomes, I would say Competera does its job very well indeed.

Philipp Metzler
Tink, Business Development
Manager, Germany

Competera is a good Brand Intelligence tool for distributors

Canadian CPG Company is a premium North American consumer brand. Competera is our reliable partner, providing us with a MAP monitoring tool for the last year. Our Brand Intelligence campaign enables us to monitor the minimum advertised price of over fifty North American e-tailers. The MAP violations report, facilitated by Customer Support manager, provides us with the most current information. This report helps us to maintain our brand’s position in the market place. Competera is a good brand intelligence tool for distributors.

Melissa D'Andrade
Canadian CPG Company, Purchasing
Manager, Canada

Well done price perception

Two months ago we started receiving market insights about our competitors from Competera pricing software. Competera offers lightweight integration, actual and reliable data, good support, and information updates due to Elkor needs.Their method of collecting data did not cause an overload of our website, so we were able to work in a habitual flow. Now we have more purchases in categories with product analogs towards our implacable competitor. The metrics on sales, stock turnover and margins increased in our store and I think the good pricing based on data is the reason.

Anatolijs Platonovs
Elkor, Director, LV
SKB Europe

Competera is an excellent price monitoring software for brands.

SKB Europe is the Netherlands-based European distributor of SKB Cases. These high quality cases are for demanding industrial, sport, & music applications. Competera is a trusted partner, providing us with a reliable data since 2015. The Price Management helps us being aware of our price positioning and timely react on unfavorable changes. Competera became our good assistant in the profitable cooperation with major European and Amazon resellers.

Arjan de Leeuw
Arjan de Leeuw
SKB Europe, Office Sales
Manager, Holland

Advanced online analytics from Competera

Competera provide Votonia with advanced online analytics for last 3 years. The service is easy to use and we love the friendly interface of our campaign. We get always operative information about a dynamically developing market. The best thing we achieve beyond smart pricing is the optimization of managers’ workflow and competent planning. With Competera, we are always in a swim of trends in e-commerce!

Galina Malkova, Director of Pricing Department
Russian Federation
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