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We believe Competera is the best in the industry. Their platform provides a set of tools, including market-based pricing and AI-driven demand-based pricing, that offers solutions to an immediate need, as well as our long-term plans. They have quickly become a strategically important player that we entrust with enabling a core element of our business.

David Elder
Group Head of International and Pricing for WiggleCRC Group

Competera Case Study

We believe that modern machine learning technology could empower humans with better decisions

Consumer goods
Ready to consume market data for better assortment analysis
Sporting Goods
Competition-based pricing for over half a million SKUs
Consumer electronics
How Elkjøp Sustained the Competition with Amazon
Home decor
Balsam Brands
Boosting gross margin and revenue by over 3,5%
Delivery service
Pricing Automation for grocery delivery service
Consumer goods
Coherent and flexible Competitive Data covering 9 countries

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We help our clients become more profitable. In return, they trust us.

Time was an issue for us, as we didn't know when exactly Amazon was about to launch in Sweden. Nonetheless, our key requirement from a data provider was to receive Amazon Sweden and its sellers' prices within 24 hours after the marketplace launch. Competera did the job within 8 hours, and that was a great success.

Trond Samuelsen
Commercial Project Manager at Elkjøp

With the implementation of Competera, we significantly reduced the time spent on repricing daily: earlier the assortment calculation was taking up to 3 hours, now we receive final results in 30 minutes and are ready to proceed with strategic decisions.

Head of Pricing Department
Delivery service

As the business was scaling, it was important for us to base our pricing decisions on market trends, website analytics, and other crucial data points that a pricing manager can hardly embrace all at once. Competera’s smart algorithms made our price management data-powered and proactive and saved the team 50% time from routine tasks. Competera has shown how AI is revolutionizing the traditional pricing processes and strategies, so we look forward to adopting the technology for other regions.

Joyce Lin
Sr. Ecommerce Business Manager at Balsam Brands

Advanced algorithms reveal cross-dependencies in product categories or between them, sales cannibalization of categories or individual products, market trends, and dozens of other internal and external factors that influence sales.

For a long time, there was a belief that such solutions are much-in-demand in grocery retail only, but our project proves it wrong. Pricing optimization is already delivering great results and we plan on further development of the system.

Financial Director
DIY Retailer

Competera platform is a great tool to sustain the right price perception and keep customers satisfied with our prices. The data-driven insights generated by the platform help bringing our mission to life, i.e. provide a unique digital experience and excellent service to our clients.

Julia Roppelt
Pricing & Stock Controlling Strategic Manager at Keller
Competera is a leader in Pricing on G2
Competera is a leader in Pricing on G2
Competera is a leader in Pricing on G2
Competera is a leader in Pricing on G2
Competera is a leader in Pricing on G2
Competera is a leader in Pricing on G2

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