Ready for your best interviewing experience?

The candidate journey may vary depending on the role you're applying for. But generally, the hiring flow goes as follows:

Step 1

Primary call

Video call with our recruiter to tailor on mutual expectations.

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The call usually lasts up to 45 minutes. During that time we'll talk more about the company itself and the product we do, discuss the role opportunity and, of course, your background as well as your professional growth vision

Step 2

Job Interview

Team meeting to find if our culture & values make a match and dive deep into your professional profile.

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Depending on the role, there might be more than one interview. But definitely, there will be at least one meeting up to 90 minutes. * We might also ask you to complete a test task — an optional step to give us a better idea of your hard skills and show you an example of a task that you'd likely have to deal with. * The final interview is an optional 30-min call with an executive team member. It’s an opportunity for you to ask anything about the company's strategy, vision, and mission.

Step 3

Role Offer

Our favorite step because that's the time to say the sweetest ‘yes’ to each other.

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At this point, you’ll be fully aware of the business value that your role brings and the way your success will be tracked during the probationary period.

We appreciate you investing time to meet with us

We want to make sure you have everything needed to go through this journey with ease and confidence. Here is a list of things to be prepared for an interview:

The application
The application
To make sure your CV stands out, we'd recommend paying close attention to the job description as well as specifying how it’s aligned with your experience. It’s better to focus more on data and your own contribution. Have a portfolio or personal website? We’d love to see it!
The interviews
The interviews
During our in-depth interview, lots of our questions start with the lines «Tell us about a time when…» or «Give us an example of a situation…» — we wonder what kind of processes you owned and which results were delivered, how did you interact with the team, and what achievements are you proud of. To make your answers more appealing, we recommend providing examples from your past experience. If you need some extra time to prepare and get thoughts together – just let us know. Here are some tips that will help you structure your answers and get prepared.
Your questions
Your questions
We bet you'll come up with dozens of questions. Will you be empowered to show your best at Competera? What work challenges will you face? Will you be able to expand your skills? Who will you collaborate with? Why do we love working at Competera and many-many others. Curiosity is extremely valuable and we encourage you to ask anything you have in mind.
The format
The format
Please notice that all the interviews are held online. Check if your internet connection is stable, test your mic and video, and make sure nothing will interrupt you during the conversation.
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