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  • manage the best execution of your pricing strategy
  • set optimal prices at any level based on consumers willingness to pay
  • drive the best sales impact with the right business decisions
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We lead retailers from A to Z in pricing journey

With our solution, your managers will secure a pricing strategy of any complexity
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Who benefits from Competera?

Head of Category Management

  • Boost your category managers and achieve your team goals
  • Stop relying on feelings, make data-driven decisions
  • Educate your team faster to meet sales targets
  • Get fresh ideas and market best practices for your everyday work
  • Become a successful executive and innovation manager

Category Manager

  • Execute the best pricing strategy in your category
  • Choose the right action for each pricing and market insight
  • Use elasticity-based pricing and automated rules to grow key indicators
  • Detect problems in hours, not in weeks
  • Manage more products and open up new opportunities in your career advancement
  • Save time spent on working with data for more important tasks

Get notified when you start losing money

Market and demand violations have a direct impact on business and might lead to reduce in sales. Competera allows your managers to identify such situations.
Check how your pricing model impacts sales volumes and revenue
Track SKUs with lower than expected markup.
Identifying products with a lowered website traffic
View violations of your pricing strategies.
Receive price notifications based on purchasing behavior and competition
View out of stock KVI products on our website.
Boost sales of KVIs

Boost sales of KVIs

Apply differentiated repricing, gaining more margin on KVIs with low elasticity, at the same time improving the relative attractiveness of the rest of your selection.

Integration at scale

Our platform can be supported by multiple data types (ERP, GA, e-commerce platforms, and data providers) allowing your commercial team to set optimal prices and craft winning tactics and strategies at any level.

Get a range of ready-to-use and custom modules powering your managers in pricing, assortment management, marketing, business analytics and more.

Integration at scale

We bring a goal-driven approach to modern category management

  • Save time and increase sales by automating pricing process
  • Improve price perception
  • Get better buying conditions from suppliers
  • Track promotions performance
  • Boost profit margins and increase revenue using elasticity-based pricing
Resolved insights

We are trusted by more than 100 retail organizations

  • To increase revenue, we have adopted a mechanism within the pricing engine which can calculate demand elasticity while factoring in product cannibalization and seasonality. The solution has suggested the best promotional products and set the optimal prices based on competitive data, among other tasks. According to our estimations, the mechanism alone has incrementally increased revenue by 1% over the period of three months
    Product Owner and Business Analyst at Staples
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  • The platform helps us be aware of our price positioning and timely react to unfavorable changes. Competera has become our helpful assistant in the profitable cooperation with major European and Amazon resellers.
    Sales Director, Faes group, Holland
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  • We've been using Competera for only a few months but it is already indispensable for the team. Out of all the benefits it has, Competera helped us reduce manual work and save plenty of time that we can now spend on strategically important tasks. We are now capable of tracking market positioning and strategy implementation on a daily basis.

    Another thing we really love about Competera is the ability to access customized insights on our Google Shopping rate and sales. Competera was the only solution that offered a comprehensive and custom analysis of our Google Shopping performance.

    E-commerce Merchandiser
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  • Spreadsheet pricing is dead to me. I’m sure that I can achieve my KPIs and even more. Revenue is going up, and I can earn more for myself. No more manual checking of competitors’ prices, promotions and assortment — I can focus on a strategy.
    Head of ecommerce, Watsons
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  • More than two years ago, we've started to use Competera and I can say for sure that the business value we receive goes beyond all our expectations. Before Competera, we used another software to parse prices on the market, yet the service did not meet our requests. That's how we came to Competera. The things I enjoy most about the platform are analytical insights and notifications. The latter could be customized to specific business goals and objectives. For example, we use Competera's analytics to secure our prices and correct our strategy when it is needed.
    Pricing and Analytics Manager
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Why category teams choose Competera

Get a control of all operations starting from category strategic management, merchandising planning, negotiations with suppliers, and assortment management to promo and pricing decisions
Category teams choose Competera
Competera helps your team bring better, faster results to your business

Competera helps your team bring better, faster results to your business

Get proven results of the pilot and the first ready-to-use recommendations in 8 weeks.

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